Glenfinnan Viaduct Book Sculpture: Visit Scotland
Matchday Fantasy Branding
Racing Driver Branding: Jordan Cane
Thistle Type
Sabine Holland: Fashion Editor Branding
+wightman: Personal Branding
Jacques Higelin Retrospective
Just the Type: Environmental Posters
Whim Up North: Record Label
4seven Ident: D&AD 2013
Major Project: Anchored
Book Sculpture: Derailing my train of thought
Book Sculpture: Drowning from Obsession
Book Sculpture: Plagued by Doubt
À L'Affiche: Exhibition Design + Curation
White Noise: Poster Series
+wightman: Personal Branding / Part 2
Hitting Rock Bottom: Paper Sculpture
Promorisq: Branding, Illustration & Website Design
White Noise: Poster Series Part 2
Major Project: Out At Sea Diary
Pin Point: Generative Design
The Card You're Dealt: Research Cultural Probe
Level Up: Data Visualisation
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